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Monday, July 11, 2011

Nick Diamonds - I Am an Attic

                                Nick Diamonds - I Am an Attic

So, I wasn’t aware that this particular album was in the works, but it is in our hands today (our figurative, digital hands, that is).

Check out Nick ‘Diamonds’ Thorburn's (ex-Unicorns, in-Islands/Mister Heavenly/Th’ Corn Gangg/Stepson) new album I Am an Attic, available for free streaming and download at his Bandcamp. (link below)

In other Nick Diamonds related news, expect Mister Heavenly’s upcoming record Out of Love to drop August 16th; anticipate some news regarding Stepson (a collaboration between Nick and nerd-rap mogul El-P) to spread soon; and expect that nothing will come to light about the fate of the Busdriver-Islands-Subtitle-Vic Booze project known as Th’ Corn Gang any time soon.


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